I want to express my gratitude to many who have been part of my experiences in Spain, and have been a part of all that changed my life starting back in 1985. I went to Spain not only for the opportunity of a great new job, but to learn another language and another culture. I went expecting the best, and found it. I saw from other American coworkers, that when you come expecting bad things, or ready to complain about much of what you find – you end up unhappy, just as you expected. Your expectations become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Thanks to Jose and Juan, for being such good friends, always there with an ear and a willingness to share and support. Thanks to Maria Victoria for also lending an ear and sharing, not only important advice, but her castle as well! Thanks to Pedro and Yvonne for being the best neighbors I ever had, simply the best. Thanks to Fred and Priscilla for their excellent hospitality and many adventures. Thanks to Jose Luis for being a good friend. Thanks to Antonio, a friend with many refranes, and with much of the Libro de Buen Amor in his memory. Thanks to many I can’t mention for sharing their collections of treasures with me. Thanks to Begoña for being a good friend and a good sage of advice, and for sharing the importance of the church of Cervatos with its sexual art. Thanks to a friend for sharing an article on erotic Romanesque art and for sharing the Libro de Buen Amor, fiestas, and refranes. Thanks to Miguel and Maria, and the rest of the triple A (Association of Amigos of Archaeology) for those unforgettable Tuesdays, and excursions. Thanks to the friends in Sevilla that taught me so much – about fiestas, history, and good food, among other things. Thanks to the other many friends in Madrid, too numerous to name, but who all had an impact on my life. Thanks to Mr. X who ensured that I truly appreciated having an excellent boss, Bob, after I returned from Spain. Thanks to Bob for allowing me to take a whole month together off each year to return to Spain.