About My Slogan

My slogan is “Mañana is Today.” This goes back to my first week working in Spain, back in 1985. At lunch, one of my Spanish coworkers came up to me and asked me, in Spanish, if I was trying to learn Spanish. I replied that yes, I was, it was one of my goals for coming to Spain. He then asked me if I knew what the word “mañana” meant. I replied that yes, I knew that mañana meant “tomorrow.” He responded that no, mañana does not mean tomorrow, it means “not today.” It could be tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, or never, but it is always not today. I did not realize at that time that this might be a characteristic of the Spanish, or of the Mediterranean character, but was familiar with the concept from working a great deal in the Caribbean.

So, in deciding that this decade was to be my best ever, and that I was going to start accomplishing some things that I had in my mind to do “some day” or “one day,” I created my slogan that mañana is today – I will do today something that I could put off till tomorrow, or the next day, or never do.