When I moved to Spain, I quickly fell in love with the country and its people.

The people are passionate – passionate about their excellent food and wine. Passionate about sharing it with friends,

Spaniards are passionate about life in general.

Spain is sensual. It is a treat for all five senses. The taste of an excellent and reasonably priced wine. The sight and sound of Sevillianas music and the dancers in their ruffled long dresses. The smell of the aromatic herbs you step on as you walk through a field.

Sometimes the five senses are pushed to extremes in Spain.

Spain is a state of passion. That is, the country of Spain is often described as being one of passion. And both Spaniards and visitors to Spain often find themselves in a state of passion, caught up in a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement.

Passion can also mean a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement that causes you to act in a dangerous or reckless way. This too can be used to describe Spain. The fires and fireworks in the narrow streets of Valencia. The running of the bulls in Pamplona.

Fun comes before safety.

“Sensual” can of course have sexual connotations, as can passion. The words sensual and passion can refer to strong or sexual feelings.

Both terms could be applied to a type of art in Spain, a type that shocked me when I first became aware of it. That is the sexual sculptures on Medieval Romanesque churches in Spain. I investigated this subject, and share some of the results of those studies on this web site.
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Welcome to sensual, passionate Spain!

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